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Technooptic offers one of the most extensive listings of standard interference filters in this industry. Wavelengths range from the ultraviolet through the near infrared and include many of the primary laser, mercury, biomedical and analytical spectral lines. The filters are only available as custom items and will be quoted upon request.


Color Image Filters

Color Image Enhancement Filters
Color Separation Filters
Color Correction Filters
Color Temperature ...


Bandpass Filters

UV Wavelengths 185 – 400nm
VIS Wavelengths 401 – 750nm
IR Wavelengths 751 – 2500nm


Laser Line Filters

Limited Blocking
(.85CWL – 1.15CWL)

Fully Blocked
(from UV – 2500nm)


Laser Rejection Filters

VIS Laser Rejection Filters Wavelengths 401 – 750nm
IR Laser Rejection Filters Wavelengths 751 – ...